About Us

Beagel's goal is to make buying property as simple as breathing. We help bring agents, sellers and buyers together in a more transparent setting to make life better for everyone involved.

Buynewhomes allows for a smoother new homes sales experience where everyone can see what's going on, creating greater trust between all parties and speeding up what can be a long, stressful and laborious process.

We are not estate agents. Agents and their clients determine:
◯ Prices
◯ Marketing Periods
◯ Viewing Arrangements
◯ Terms of Sale

Buyers and sellers have transparency on the sales process, knowing exactly where the property stands 24 hours a day.
Buynewhomes lets you buy a home from anywhere in the world, day or night, instantly.

Buynewhomes is operated by Auctionroom Enterprises Limited T/A Beagel. (Company Registration Number 556475), and is a company limited in the Republic of Ireland.

Buyer Registration

Updated in real time, buynewhomes is the easiest, fastest way to buy your new home. Check out all the legal paperwork before you sign contracts with no more overnight queueing on launch day.